A workspace is a particular configuration of panels, toolbars, charts and/or table layouts that makes up a trading environment. The Zeon Trading Platform offers a predefined default workspace. You can create not more than 20 custom workspaces either by modifying the default settings or by creating a new workspace from scratch. Custom workspaces can be saved as .wrk files and reopened whenever required.

Default workspaces

The Zeon Trading Platform will automatically load the default workspace upon startup. Default workspaces are located in the Zeon Trading Platform installation directory \DefaultWorkspaces\
Click Environment ->Workspaces to see all available default workspaces.

After making changes to a workspace, it becomes a custom workspace. Custom workspaces will automatically ask to save changes when you close Zeon Trading Platform. You can save locally to your computer. 

Keeping multiple workspaces open

During session, several workspaces can be loaded and kept open simultaneously. All opened workspaces are shown at the bottom of the panel. You can switch between the open workspaces by switching the tabs.


Getting a Blank Workspace

New blank (no panels) Workspace can be created in three ways: through Environment menu, Context menu of Workspace manager or by clicking on plusbutton.

Context Menu

Right-click on a tab of opened workspace to open Context menu of Workspace manager.

  • New workspace– create a blank workspace, also available in Environment menu.
  • Load workspace – load workspace from .wrk file, also available in Environment menu.
  • Save workspace, Save workspace as… - save current workspace, also available in Environment menu.
  • Close workspace – close workspace. Also close button can be used.
  • Clone – duplicate the workspace.
  • Close all but this – close all workspaces except current.
  • Clear - clear current workspace.
  • Rename – change name of current workspace.
  • Lock – if active, no changes can be done in current workspace. Also uselock button.

If workspace is locked, then all panels that are opened through main or context menu, as well as through instrument toolbar, will be opened as "detached".

Closing the Zeon Trading Platform

You don't need to save changes when closing the application, since workspaces are saved automatically. But when you close the platform, you'll see a warning message. Uncheck the Show Next Time box to stop receiving the message.