Create your own trading environment: display, hide, rearrange panels and toolbars to your liking.

To build a workspace from scratch, go to Environment -> New workspace. When a blank screen appears, open the panels you want and arrange them as described below.

Attaching and detaching panels

There are two types of panels:

  • Attached – panel is attached to some place on workspace.
  • Detached – panel is separate and can be used independently.

Each panel has a default location. Some panels are attached by default, others are detached. To change the location of a panel, click strelka button located on the header of each panel. The following options are available in the drop-down menu:

  • Attach – attach panel. Click to attach the panel to a default location.To change the panel's location click on the header of the panel and draw slowly. The following arrows appear:


Drag the panel to a desired arrow to preview the panel's location.

Attached panels can be arranged into tabbed areas, where one or more panels are conveniently fit under/over/beside other panels.

  • Detach – detach panel.
  • Autohide – hide panel. Choose this option to minimize the size of the panel to a label pinned to the border of the Platform's window. When a cursor moves above the label, the panel's size expands halfway into the workspace. Click Autohide again to expand the panel to its original size. This option works only for attached panels.
  • Rename – open a dialog box to enter a new name for the selected panel.
  • Fullscreen – open attached panel in fullscreen mode. Works only for a Chart.
  • On top – see panel on top of others. Only for detached panels.
  • Help – open information about current panel in Knowledge base.

Creating tabbed areas

Creating tabbed groups of panels helps save screen space and maximize efficiency.

To make a panel appear as a tab, drag it over another panel (or tabbed area). Use tab button.