AlgoStudio is a programming environment for AlgoTraders. It is an integral part of the all-in-one Zeon Trading Platform.

Main features:

  • Creating indicators, strategies (Expert advisors) and scripts (Macros);
  • Programming language C# (.NET platform);
  • History data management tool to create customized instruments or import data from different sources;
  • Backtesting custom historical data or data provided by a broker;
  • Backtesting single symbols or multiple symbols simultaneously;
  • Backtesting multiple time intervals (including non-standard time intervals, such as M7, H3, D5, etc.);
  • Backtesting all chart types available on Zeon Trading Platform (Renko, 3 Line break, Kagi, Price range, etc.);
  • Strategy testing in ticks, minutes, or daily data;
  • Strategy testing at Bid, Ask, and Trade prices;
  • Two strategy testing modes: with visualization or without visualization;
  • Two emulation types: one position or multiple positions;
  • Using functions that provide access to Level II;
  • Strategy optimization tool;
  • Plain text and graphic reports;
  • Editor with IntelliSense;
  • Dictionary with a list of all available functions in AlgoStudio;
  • Debugger;
  • Tool for importing and exporting parameters of testing strategies.