Chart is probably the most important panel for a trader. Traders can view vast amounts of market information on the charts: quotes history, market patterns - everything to make smart trade decisions. 

This section covers the Chart panel and its accompanied functionality. 

  • Symbol lookup – select the symbol to display on the chart.
  • Account lookup – select the account to trade.
  • Overlay – place one or more charts on the same window to analyze symbol correlations.
  • Aggregation – select aggregation type (including time period and type of chart).
  • Chart style – select desired chart style: candle, line, bar, dots, etc.
  • Time period – select desired time period.
  • Drawing tools – show/hide drawing toolbar (horizontal/vertical lines, channels, Fibonacci retracements etc).
  • Analysis tools – show/hide analysis toolbar: price and bar statistics, volume profile and bars, t&s and bar patterns.
  • Indicators – add indicator.
  • Object manager – show all indicators, drawings and overlays applied to the chart.
  • Chart trading – open built-in order entry panel to enable visual trading.
  • Mouse trading – activate mouse trading on the chart (this option is also available with pressing and holding the Ctrl key).
  • Time zoom– navigate the chart, zoom in/out.
  • Info window – display information about current cursor position.
  • Scroll – scroll the chart history.

Show/hide items on the chart: right click anywhere within the chart, select View, and check/uncheck the desired items in the menu.