Charts can be zoomed in/out, scrolled horizontally/vertically, scaled, refreshed manually, etc. 

To zoom in/out, use mouse scroll, or simply click on +/- buttons at the bottom of the chart.

Scroll button is easy to navigate  - click, hold, and drag. To go to the last quote on chart, click arrow button. To scale the chart, click

Choose a rectangular part of the chart you want to scale. 

To set up Hotkeys to move the chart bar by bar, go to General Settings -> Hotkeys -> Chart; F12 is set by default. 

Price scale zooming

To zoom in/out vertically, left-click on price axis on the right, hold, and move the mouse up and down to scale the chart accordingly.

Scrolling the chart

To scroll the chart horizontally, click inside the chart and drag it in the desired direction.

To scroll vertically, automatic scaling feature should be turned off: click on the manual zoom button on chart or uncheck appropriate box in the settings.

There are three types of price scale: Absolute, Relative and Logarithmic.

  • Absolute - price scale in absolute units.
  • Relative - price scale in relative units, with starting point as: first point of screen visibility, day opening, history starting point.
  • Logarithmic - logarithmic scale representation, with the same starting points as in relative price scale. 

If auto scale mode is preferred, check Fit indicators, Fit orders/positions, Fit day High/Low in the context menu to make all desired values visible on chart.


Refreshing the chart

Charts are refreshed automatically. To refresh manually, right-click within the Chart and select Refresh. 

Right mouse button

To use the feature, right-click on a desired area on chart and drag the mouse to a desired location. The move brings up the following info:

  • Bars – number of bars between two selected points.
  • ∆Time – time past between two selected points.
  • ∆Price – price difference between two selected points at each end of the line.
  • Ticks – price difference shown in ticks between two selected points.
  • Profit – amount you can earn if the price goes up/down from point 1 to point 2.


Additional options

Right-click on timeline to call up the context menu with the following options:

  • Show time periods separators - display vertical lines on chart as different days, weeks, months and years.
  • Show holes in the history - display bars with no price that appear when market is closed.


To activate "Scrollbar chart preview", go to chart Settings -> View -> Scroll chart preview.