The Watchlist panel shows real-time market data for each symbol. To open the Watchlist panel, go to Terminal > Watchlist

The data are shown as a table with the following fields:

  • Symbol – selected symbol.
  • Last – last trade price.
  • Last size – last trade volume.
  • Last date – last update date.
  • Last time – last quote update.
  • Volume – cumulative volume traded for today.
  • Exchange – name of the exchange on which symbol is traded.
  • Bid – last best bid price.
  • Bid size – volume of the best bid.
  • Ask – last best ask price.
  • Ask size – volume of the best ask.
  • Change – price deviation from a previous close price.
  • Change, % – price deviation from a previous close price in percentage.
  • Open – day's open price.
  • High – day's highest price.
  • Low – day's lowest price.
  • Prev. close – previous day's close price.
  • Lot size – size of a lot.
  • Spread – change for current price in ticks (Ask-Bid).
  • Spread, % – change for current price in percentage.
  • Last update – last data update.
  • Current session – name of the current trade session.
  • Trading status – state of trade in the current session.
  • Ticks – displays quantity of quotes that came from the Exchange.
  • Comment – add information about trading symbol (market situation and/or potential trading opportunities). Click on the comment row in order to open a dialog window for adding, editing and saving comments.

Symbols lists creation

You can create custom lists of symbols in the Watchlist panel. To add symbols to the Watchlist, click onbutton in the panel's top-left corner. Select the desired symbols from the "Symbols lookup" window.  To choose all symbols, check the box "Select all". Then click "Add". Save the symbols into a list by clicking "Save" button in the panel's top-left corner. Give a name to the list and click "Ok". To rename or delete the list, click on the "Symbols lists" button located next to Plus button. You can rename, delete and create a new list of symbols in the drop-down menu (which displays all created lists).

Customizing the watchlist

Right-click within the Watchlist panel to call up its context menu, that offers the following functionality:

  • edit symbols lists: add new/load all/clear all/remove desired symbols;
  • open information on each symbol;
  • switch among existing symbols lists;
  • load history cache;
  • hide or show the Watchlist panel toolbar;
  • duplicate the Watchlist panel or open other panels.