The Time&Sales panel chronologically shows all trades for a selected symbol in real time.

To open the Time&Sales panel, go to Terminal -> Time&Sales.

The data on the selected symbol is displayed as soon as you open the panel.

The following data is available on each trade:

  • Symbol – relevant symbol.
  • Time – time of trade (set form in Settings): hh:mm:ss or hh:mm:ss:ms.
  • Price – price at which a trade is filled.
  • Size – size of trade.
  • Side – Buy or Sell.
  • Bid/Ask – the Bid and Ask prices.
  • Bid*Ask size – the traded Bid*Ask volume.

Context menu

Right-click within the Time&Sales panel to bring its context menu:

  • Clear table – delete all quotes and trades from the panel.
  • Show quotes – show trades with quotes. For real time mode only.
  • Aggregation – show all trades with the same price, side, size in one row as total. Applies to highly-liquid markets.

If Show quotes = true and Aggregation = true, then column 'Bid * Ask size' displays sum of Bids * Asks by the best price level.

If Show quotes = true and Aggregation = false, then all requests are aggregated on the best price level by the same source and column 'Bid * Ask size' displays the aggregated value of Bids/Asks with the biggest volume.

  • Show toolbar – show/hide the panel's toolbar with symbol's lookup.
  • Show scrollbar – show/hide the scrollbar in the panel.

Time & Sales settings

  • Time format – time of trade (set form in Settings): hh:mm:ss or hh:mm:ss:ms.
  • Show size in – select type of volume (real size, lots). 
  • Round precision – set up precision at which volume is displayed.
  • Autosize – show T&S table in auto size mode.