Working orders panel shows all orders placed.

To open a new Working orders panel, select Terminal -> Working orders.

Working orders panel displays both open orders (i.e. orders placed to open new positions) and close orders (i.e. Stop loss ). To display close orders, open сontext menu, and select Show сlose orders.

The following columns are available in the panel:

  • Symbol - the name of the traded instrument.
  • Side - type of trade (Buy or Sell).
  • Date - date of placing an order.
  • Time - time of placing an order.
  • Type - order type.
  • Quantity - order amount in lots or in cryptocurrency units, as set in Settings.
  • Price - the price at which the order is to be executed.
  • Current price - market price from the broker.
  • Qty. filled - executed quantity of the order when only part of the order was executed.
  • Qty. remaining - the difference between quantity and executed quantity when only part of the order was executed.
  • Order ID - the unique number the trading system assigns to each order. 
  • Account - login name of the account that opened the order.
  • Bound to - ID of the order which another order is bound to; if the former is executed, the system will cancel the latter.
  • Symb. type - market category of the instrument.
  • Symbol description - other comments on the instrument.
  • Status - status of the current order (Created, Part filled, Modified).

Buttons toolbar

On top of the Working orders panel there are several buttons. To show the buttons go to Context menu - > View - > Buttons panel. The following buttons are available:

  • Cancel all - cancel all orders.
  • Cancel Buy - cancel all buy orders.
  • Cancel Sell - cancel all sell orders.
  • Cancel Stops - cancel all stop orders.
  • Cancel Limits - cancel all limit orders.
  • Cancel Days - cancel all day orders (TIF=Day).
  • Cancel GTCs - cancel all GTC orders (TIF=GTC).
  • Cancel selected - cancel all selected orders.
  • Cancel - cancel all orders by selected symbol and account.
  • Modify order - modify the selected order.

To display any particular button, simply right-click on the Buttons panel and check the desired buttons in the drop-down menu.

Context menu

The following functions can be realized through Context menu:

  • Modify order - modify the selected order.
  • Cancel order - cancel all selected orders/by selected symbol/by selected account/all orders.