AlgoStudio is an integral module of Zeon Trading Platform. AlgoStudio runs separately allowing it to operate independently from the main application. 

To open AlgoStudio, go to Tools -> AlgoStudio. The following window appears:

Like Zeon Trading Platform, AlgoStudio is a fully customizable development tool. You can configure the work environment according to your preferences. You can add, remove and move panels in AlgoStudio. All panels are attached by default but you can move the panel to a desired location. To do that, click on the panel's header and drag slowly until the following arrows appear: 

Drag and drop panel slowly over a desired arrow to move it there. You can hide the panel by clicking button in the panel's top right corner and selecting "Autohide". Choose this option to minimize the size of the panel to a label pinned to the border of the Platform's window. When a cursor moves above the label, the panel's size expands halfway into the workspace. Click Autohide again to expand the panel to its original size.