As the developer you can add custom column to any panel in Zeon Trading Platform, using your own code.
There are two ways to create a Custom column:

1. Open AlgoStudio and click button in the top left corner of the window's main toolbar. The following window shows up:

Select Custom column option, choose panel from the drop-down list, choose column type: Value or Button.

2. Open settings of the selected panel, then go to 'Columns' tab and click button in the top-left corner of the settings window. 

Type the name of the Custom column in "Header text" field, then click "New" to run AlgoStudio to create a new script for Custom column.
You can also select the script for Custom column from the list. By default the list is empty, so you need to create at least 1 script.

Below are several examples of Custom column scripts created using C#. Please refer to C# language documentation for more information.

If you want to add the attached script as a column in Zeon Trading Platform, please, follow the next steps:

  1. Run AlgoStudio;
  2. Open and compile the attached script;
  3. Open the desired panel in Zeon Trading Platform (for example, if you have compiled MargAvilCross.cs, you need to open the Accounts panel);
  4. Go to panel settings -> Columns and click button in the top-left corner of the settings window;
  5. Select MargAvilCross script from the drop-down list, rename the column, if required.
  6. Click "Apply" and the new Column is added as shown below:

Files-examples: MarginAvilCross.cs, MarginUsedcross.cs, GrossCross.cs

Working with custom columns. Examples.

Let’s consider several examples of the individual setup of workspace using custom columns. To do this, let's create several custom columns in the Watchlist table panel.

The first created column will reflect the degree of trade intensity, as the number of quotes changes per second on average over the last five minutes.

Modified Watchlist panel will look as follows:

Custom column functionality allows to set display of trading information, as well as create new functional buttons. Using these buttons, you can quickly open or modify trading positions. Let’s place “Buy” and “Sell” buttons in other columns so we can quickly open a position for selected symbol without leaving Watchlist.

Custom columns make it easier to customize Zeon Trading Platform panels for the most complete displaying of trading information and for comfortable trading.

For more information, please find files with code for described examples below.


Quotes per second: QuotesPerSecond.cs , QuotesPerSecond.dll

Buy/Sell buttons: BuySellButtons.cs , BuySellButtons.dll