Pre-existing code or fragments of source code can be uploaded to AlgoStudio from any source file. To open a source file, click button and select a necessary file. Click the down arrow, to show a list of source code files that were previously opened in AlgoStudio editor.

You can also upload a source code to the editor using the Script navigator panel. To do this, click button. The following panel appears:

The Script navigator is a tool that shows all modules created by the user. There are two directories displayed in the panel. The first is the installation directory Zeon Trading Platform: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Zeon. The second is “My scripts” directory, where all modules are saved by default. There is also a folder bin where all compiled versions of the files are saved.

Please note, all scripts are stored in the directory Macroses: C:\Users\ User name\Documents\Zeon.