The source code editor in AlgoStudio is a fully professional tool to facilitate the writing of source code. It features syntax highlighting and supports Intellisense technology. Set cursor wherever you like and press Ctrl+Space to open Intellisense menu.

The top of the Editor panel features a help toolbar for easy searching, filtering, inserting comments, and deleting work.

The first buttons on the toolbar are “Undo” and “Redo”. To reverse your last action, press Undo (you can reverse more than one action). To reverse your last Undo, press Redo (you can reverse more than one action that has been undone). 

The next button is “Find” that is used to search for a specific phrase in the source code or replace an existing phrase with another one. Click on and the following window with searching parameters will appear:

To replace a phrase, you may also use “Replace” button . The following window with replacing parameters will open:

Use “Comment” and “Uncomment” buttons to add and remove a comment to the code. 

To open errors control,  click on the right-hand side of the Editor panel. 

The last feature of the Editor toolbar is a drop-down list of methods, functions, properties, variables, and fields that can be found in the source code. The list was designed for the best navigation within code. To open the list click on button. The following list will open: