To select Editing types click on button on the main toolbar. And choose between the following options:

Release mode

This mode is used as Product ready mode. If the source code is free from errors and ready to apply, you can select this mode.

Profile mode

This mode is used for the source code optimization. If any function is used more than one time in the source code, then the Profiler panel will show how often and where this function was invoked, as well as the exact processing time of this function.

Debug mode

This mode is used for debugging source code. It is very useful to find mistakes. You can debug both C# and MQL4 code.

Debug mode can be run from the main Panel by clicking button or hotkey F5.

Three other buttons are available for debug mode:

Step info (F11) – go through all code lines independently of breakpoints.

Step over (F10) – go over some program steps.

Step out (Shift+F11) – run script until the breakpoint is reached.

To begin debugging source code, set breakpoints first.

A breakpoint can be set by clicking the left mouse button between the code line numbers and the border of the source code editor window, as well as from the menu: Run - > Toggle breakpoint. After placing a breakpoint it becomes visible as a red circle. You can remove all breakpoints from the source code by going to Run - > Clear all breakpoints.