Occurs when the new trade is made.


public event Action<Fill> FillAdded


 The trading request is sent in the following example. The position opens by request. Once this trade is done, FillAdded event is triggered that evokes the method NewFill  and deduces all the information about the trade.
using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using System.Drawing;
using PTLRuntime.NETScript;

namespace FillsExample
  public class FillsExample : NETStrategy
    public override void Init()
      Fills.FillAdded += NewFill;//creates an action that responds to the emergence of a new trade.
    public override void OnQuote()
      NewOrderRequest request = new NewOrderRequest //creation of a new trading order request.
        Instrument = Instruments.Current,
        Account = Accounts.Current,
        Side = Operation.Buy,
        Type = OrdersType.Market,
        Price = Instruments.Current.LastQuote.Ask,
        Amount = 1,
        MarketRange = 1000,
      Orders.Send(request); //sends trading order.
    //The method that is triggered after the trade was made.
    public void NewFill(Fill lastFill)
      //outputting of all the information about the trade.
        "Instrument : \t"  +lastFill.Instrument+"\n"+
        "Account : \t"    +lastFill.Account+"\n"+
        "Id : \t"      +lastFill.Id+"\n"+
        "OrdeId : \t"    +lastFill.OrderId+"\n"+
        "PositionId : \t"  +lastFill.PositionId+"\n"+
        "Amount : \t"    +lastFill.Amount+"\n"+
        "Price : \t"    +lastFill.Price+"\n"+
        "Commission : \t"  +lastFill.Commission+"\n"+
        "Profit : \t"    +lastFill.Profit+"\n"+
        "Time : \t"      +lastFill.Time+"\n"+
        "Side : \t"      +lastFill.Side+"\n"+
        "ExternalId : \t"  +lastFill.ExternalId+"\n"+
        "ExternalPrice : \t"+lastFill.ExternalPrice+"\n"+
        "Exchange : \t"    +lastFill.Exchange+"\n"+
        "Type : \t"      +lastFill.Type+"\n"+
    public override void Complete()
      Fills.FillAdded -= NewFill;